Posted by: Pat | November 4, 2008

California Pie

California is so huge and grows so many different types of fruits, berries, and nuts. I am convinced that I will need to make several trips to California to do it justice. But that is a good thing since California is one of my favorite states. This pie tasting starts in Sacramento, the state capital. I was intrigue by a web site for’s Dessert Diner. Rick’s is located in midtown Sacramento in a lovely neighborhood. There is a bar next door and a neat tea shop, HINA’s, across the street. Rick’s is a true diner only pink. It has won numerous awards including Best Sacramento for Desserts. Rick’s is no longer owned by Rick but the current owner continues to make the desserts from the recipes of Rick’s grandmother. All the desserts are made from scratch, using locally grown California fruits and nuts. The diner is well worth a trip but didn’t have the variety of pies that I had hoped for. On line, they list 66 baked and cream pies. Some of them intrigued me as being quite unique, i.e. nectarine, apple raisin, orange chiffon, and California walnut. But these pies were not available at the diner. You needed to order them and buy the whole pie. Rick’s specialty was his cakes. After seeing some of these cakes, I could see why. He also had tortes, tarts, cheesecakes and mousse tarts. All were made to perfection and were tempting to try. I almost selected one of the cream pies, Banana Coconut Cream Pie, when I was told that they were taking out two pies from the oven. I went for the hot pies and chose the cherry pie. It was hot, juicy and just the right amount of sugar. The manager assured me that they were fresh cherries and not canned. The crust was flakey and at least two inches high. This was a good start to my travels.


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