Posted by: Pat | December 5, 2008

Virginia and Apple Pie

Fall is the time for apples. I could be visiting any number of states for apple pie but I am staying close to home and visiting Charlottesville, Virginia. Virginia rates fourth in the US as producer of apples. In the fall you can pick your own apple from local orchards or just buy a bushel from road side stands. We started our day in Charlottesville very early at Jefferson’s home place, Monticello. We were attending a vintage apple tasting in the Monticello orchards. We tasted 12 different varieties, Esopus Spitenburg, Pippin, Pomme Gris and more. It was just like a wine tasting. We learned about the different varieties, history of apples in America, and of course what makes a good apple pie. The best apple pie should not taste like spices but like apples. A combination of sweet and tart apples with big apple slices and thick syrup. Monticello is a wonderful place to visit but check out educational events offered each month.

After our apple tasting, we went over to Carter Mountain Orchard to pick apples. The orchards are at the top of the mountain with a beautiful view of Charlottesville. In addition to fresh apples, there was apple cider, apple jelly, apple wine, and of course apple pie. The pie had large apple slices with a thick syrup with a tinge of cinnamon. The crust was flakey and held up to the thick syrup.

If you are in the area in November, check out the Apple Harvest Festival at the Vintage Virginia Apples, All kinds of apple products with an apple pie contest. You are bound to get great apple pie.



  1. Nice article. I didn’t know you could go to apple tastings!

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