Posted by: Pat | January 23, 2009

National Pie Day, Eat Pie

January 23, is National Pie Day. Bake a pie, eat a pie, have friends over for pie!

Since I am not traveling this week, I visiting my local pie shops to see what they have cooking. Mom’s Apple Pie Company and Vienna Pie Gourmet are the two closest to my house. I decide that the Pie Gourmet is the closet and will be my pick this week. Anymore, I would have to exercise four hours a day. The shop is small but all pies are baked daily in a kitchen in the back. You can actually see them rolling out the pastry. The cream pies (Banana, Chocolate Cream, Coconut, French Silk, and Key Lime), look especially good today. I picked the Key Lime for my husband since it is his favorite pie and this week is his birthday.

Visit the American Pie Council Web page to read about pie cook offs and other ways to celebrate National Pie Day.



  1. Key lime pie is my favorite too. Just so you know.

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