Posted by: Pat | August 5, 2009

New Hampshire

I spent a week in the beautiful New Hampshire in June just at the beginning of the berry season. Our first stop after we got our bags at the airport was to find a fresh pie. We were told that we could get great pie at the Sugar River Baking Company in Manchester. We settled on the strawberry-rhubarb pie since the strawberries were still in season in NH. I didn’t ask about the rhubarb since I can’t imagine having rhubarb in anything especially pie. It happens that my husband grew up eating strawberry-rhubarb pie in the  Midwest and claimed that this was his favorite pie. The strawberry-rhubarb  pie was great. Both tart and sweet at the same time.

I really wanted a cranberry pie since I was in New England. I had a cranberry pie one Thanksgiving and was blown away by its tartness. Luck have it we found a great Cherry- Cranberry pie  at the Common Man Restaurant. The Common Man had to be one of my favorite restaurants. We ate there three times while visiting NH. There are several Common Man restaurants throughout the stare, all with a different theme. The one in Lincoln had woodsy mountain theme and a sophisticated menu. I liked the combination of the cherry with the cranberry. It added sweetness to the pie. These New Englanders have a talent in combining sweetness and tartness.

cherry cranberry

cherry cranberry


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