Posted by: Pat | August 17, 2009

Whoopie Pie

We are visiting NH and enjoying beautiful views. We were there the week of the Lupine Festival. We found a beautiful field of Lupines that was carefully cared for by a group of neighbors. Throughout the garden was inspirational plaques. While visiting here, we ate our first Whoopie Pie.

Whoopie pie is not really a pie but a small cake about the size of a hamburger. The whoopie pie was created by the Pennsylvania Amish but New England has adopted the whoopie pie as one of their comfort foods. The pie was originally made with left over batter and filling. The pies were made small to be placed in lunch boxes as a treat. When the pie was discovered, the recipient yelled “Whoopie”. So they became known as a whoopie pie.

The pie is soft cake sandwich with a cream filling. The cake is usually chocolate or vanilla and is always made with a vegetable shortening. A commercial bakery in Maine  has baked Whoopie Pies since the 1930s. They use marshmallow fluff for the filling. The local bakers made fillings from egg whites, confectioners sugar, shortening, milk, vanilla, and desired flavor. We had lemon filling between our two vanilla cakes. But you could make the filling with marshmallow cream. I think I prefer the lemon filling.  This is a yummy dessert and would be easy to do at home.


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