Posted by: Pat | August 19, 2009

Shaker Village, New Hampshire

While in New Hampshire we visited the Canterbury Shaker Village. The village was now a museum since there only three Shakers left in the US. The Shakers are a branch of the Quakers.  One of the things that I did not know about the Shakers is that they were a celibate sect. They increased their numbers by adopting orphans. The orphans were given an option to leave the sect when they turned 18. The Shakers are known for their simplicity. This is demonstrated in their furniture, farm buildings, and even their pies.

We had a pocket pie at the Shaker Village. Pocket pies are now the new rage. William-Sonoma is currently offering pocket pie mold. The pocket pie that we had was a simpler version, no mold required.

The Shaker women rolled out a large rectangle pastry made from flour, shortening, sugar, salt and milk. They would then put dabs of filling (usually a fruit filling) about 3 inches apart on the pastry. Then fold the pastry over and then cut them into individual servings, usually in a square. An opening was cut in the center of each square to let the steam escaped while cooking.  The pies were baked and then given to the men to take to the fields to eat as a morning snack. The pocket pie that we had was a wonderful blueberry in a circle shape. This was a wonderful treat of flaky pastry and sweet, gooey filling.


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