Posted by: Pat | November 12, 2011

Apple Pan Diner

While on a short lay over in LA, California, we decided to visit with one of our sons who now calls LA home. It was lunch time, so he suggested that we go to  a local dinner that specializes in steak hamburgers and home-made pies, The Apple Pan. How could you say no to that. LA has a lot of small restaurants that are supported by the locals but undiscovered by the tourist. This was one of these spots. The seating is limited, just one counter. The regulars just hang out around the wall until a seat opens up. The seats turn over quickly. There is no reason to soak up the ambience. It is all about the hamburger. There a few other things on the menu (egg salad, tuna fish). But I didn’t see anyone eating any thing other than hamburgers and fries,  and of course home-made pies. The hamburgers were delicious. I especially like the steak burger. The food is prepared on the other side of the counter. You can watch your burger get flipped and wrap while you sip your coke or iced tea.

It is hard to describe the customer service. It was good if you were a regular and knew how to order. But the counter server becomes inpatient if you haven’t decided your order before you sit down. After eating a large steak burger and sharing an order of pie,  we shared a huge slice of apple pie for desert. It was home-made and the origin of the recipe was on the menu. If you want a bit of nostalgia then you will enjoy The Apple Pan. You will find it in the Culver City neighborhood.


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